0.8 Links

Pug Links to the external audio world.

\\1. SWARM-INDUSTRIES / SWARM SOUND SYSTEM - Pug Beats Sister (techno) Site.

||>2. Pug Beats FACEBOOK Group.

||>3. Pug Beats SOUNDCLOUD Page.

||>4. Pug Beats HEARTHIS.AT Page.

0.6 Pug Artists

Pug artist performance, biographical and contact information.

\\Please select your artist of interest from the Pug Artists drop down menu.

0.1 Pug Beats

Electronica - Ambient - Break Beat - Drum'N'Bass - Experimental - Down Beat Audio & Video.

Pug Beats is not motivated by a genre based ideology.

\\The redefinition and dissolution of all preconceived notions is paramount.

We are prisoners of our own internal psycho-spheres.

The emancipation of boundaries and dimensional confinement is a noble pursuit.

We aim to propagate this specific type of methodology.

Time is an emaciated sphere, reduced to nothing more than a flat two dimensional circle.

All that is, already has been, all that has been always will be. This is Pug Beats. Welcome.